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You've learned how to take a basic ActionScript algorithm and apply it in various ways. First, the slide algorithm was used for a navigation type system. Then you used it to create transition type effects. This shows how you can move clips around without the use of tweening.

You've also been introduced to functions. Functions are incredibly powerful and allow you to streamline your code, and also keep track more easily of where all your main script is located. I usually put all my functions in one place on the main timeline. This way I can easily find something if I come back to it a few months later.

As always, experiment with the code. You don't have to take it literally. You can use the basic code to move any movie clip, not just a panel! Try altering various parameters or adding lines of code to see if you can expand on them. Why not try adding the mask effect at the end of the last chapter, combining it with the slide algorithm?

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