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Wrapping Your Displayed Text with Custom Tags

The last two fields in the Actions Inspector for these actions, <open> and </close>, enable you to apply HTML tag formatting to further customize the way that the text displays. These fields enable you to enter HTML tags, such as font or link tags and attributes, before and after the displayed text. If you use them, just make sure you enter both an opening and closing tag. For example you could format a timestamp text as red, HTML size 2, Verdana, by entering the following tags into the Action Inspector:

<open>: <font color="red" size="2" face="verdana>

</close>: </font>


Applying CSS style info to your timestamp is not necessary; you can just enter HTML tag formatting instead into the <open> and <close> fields or leave those fields blank and just use whatever formatting is specified on the page level. If you use both CSS styles and HTML formatting, your HTML tag formatting overrides any CSS formatting.

Another cool thing you can do is to make your displayed text into a clickable hypertext link by adding anchor tags to the opening and closing tag fields in the Action Inspector.

<open>: <a href="gosomewhereelse.html">

</close>: </a>

Figure 14 Making your timestamp a clickable hyperlink.

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