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The key to the success of Microsoft Office is the bundling. This is also true of the new MX suite of tools. Flash MX is the leader out of the gate with this pack, but it is tightly integrated with Dreamweaver, Freehand, ColdFusion and Fireworks. This is essential for any web developer and designer. You cannot have one product that does it all. You will find that Freehand 10 and Fireworks MX allow you to easily move graphical designs to Flash, as shown in Figure 9.

Figure 9Figure 9: Fireworks MX supports a feature that exports content immediately out to Flash

Dreamweaver MX now has the functionality of linking an original FLA file with an SWF file being used in a site, as shown in Figure 10. Here the time-saving tools quickly come into play. You do not need to hunt and peck for the original FLA file when you need to change the SWF.

Figure 10Figure 10: Dreamweaver MX links the original FLA file to the production SWF file

Finally, you will find that Project Management and version control are now integrated with Macromedia SiteSpring. The focus of SiteSpring is to bring Project Management to Web Developers, a group that typically do not follow traditional Project Management Timelines (heck, we are lucky if we get a description of the site and more than a week to execute it).

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