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Edit Menu

The Edit menu enables you to change preferences, style sheet definitions, colors, and other document variables.

Figure 3.11 Edit Menu


Menu: Edit-> Undo

Mac: Cmd+Z or F1

Windows: Ctrl+Z


Menu: Edit-> Cut

Mac: Cmd+X or F2

Windows: Ctrl+X


Menu: Edit-> Copy

Mac: Cmd+C or F3

Windows: Ctrl+C

Cut Item with the Content Tool

Mac: Cmd+Option+X

Windows: Ctrl+Alt+X

This is identical to switching to the Item tool, cutting the item to the clipboard, and switching back to the Content tool or whatever other tool you had selected. It's most handy when you're copying or cutting a box or line that you intend to paste into a text box as an anchored object.

Copy Item with the Content Tool

Mac: Cmd+Option+C

Windows: Ctrl+Alt+C

This is identical to switching to the Item tool, copying the item, and switching back to the Content tool or whatever other tool you had selected.


Menu: Edit-> Paste

Mac: Cmd+V or F4

Windows: Ctrl+V

I wish there were a feature called "Paste in the same place on the page that it was when I cut it," but there isn't. Oh well.

Select All

Menu: Edit-> Select All

Mac: Cmd+A

Windows: Ctrl+A

When a text box is selected with the Content tool, this shortcut selects all the text in the box. When the Item tool is selected, it selects all the items on a page spread, or a single page, in the case of a single-sided document.


Menu: Edit-> Find/Change

Mac: Cmd+F

Windows: Ctrl+F

Close Find/Change Palette

Mac: Cmd+Option+F

Windows: Ctrl+Alt+F

Find Next

Both: Return (Enter)

Of course, pressing Return (Mac) or Enter (both) ordinarily types a character wherever your cursor is. However, when the focus is on the Find/Change palette, this keystroke engages the Find Next button. How do you know if the focus is on the palette? In XPress 4, the focus is on the palette when the Find Next button is highlighted. In XPress 5, the Find or the Change fields are highlighted. It's a subtle difference, but you'll see it quickly once you've tried it once or twice. You can always re-highlight the button by pressing Cmd+F (Mac) or Ctrl+F (Windows).

Find First

Mac: Option+Return or Option+Enter

Windows: Alt+Enter

The Option/Alt key always changes the Find Next button in the Find/Change palette to a Find First button.

Document Preferences

Menu: Edit-> Preferences-> Preferences

Mac: Cmd+Y

Windows: Ctrl+Y

Figure 3.12 Document Preferences in XPress 4 and XPress 5

Paragraph Preferences

Mac: Cmd+Option+Y

Windows: Ctrl+Alt+Y

This is the same as opening the Document Preferences dialog box, and switching to the Paragraph tab.

Application Preferences

Menu: Edit-> Preferences-> Application (in version 4)

Mac: Cmd+Option+Shift+Y

Windows: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Y

In XPress 5, this is the same as opening the Preferences dialog box, and switching to the Display tab.

Trapping Preferences

Mac: Option+Shift+F12

Windows: Ctrl+Shift+F12

In XPress 5, this is the same as opening the Preferences dialog box, and switching to the Trapping tab.

Style Sheets Dialog Box

Menu: Edit-> Style Sheets

Mac: Shift+F11

Windows: Shift+F11

Colors Dialog Box

Menu: Edit-> Colors

Mac: Shift+F12

Windows: Shift+F12

H&Js Settings Dialog Box

Menu: Edit-> H&Js

Mac: Cmd+Option+H or Option+Shift+F11

Windows: Ctrl+Shift+F11

H&Js stands for hyphenation and justification settings. This is where you can turn hyphenation on and off, or change the way the XPress adds letter and word spacing to justify paragraphs.

Subscriber Options

Menu: Edit-> Subscriber Options

Mac: Double-click with Content tool

Subscriber Options is a feature of the Macintosh operating system, so it's not available in Windows. You can use Subscriber Options even with TIFF and EPS files. I use this frequently after editing a picture. For example, say you edit a photo in Photoshop or Illustrator. Instead of re-importing it into XPress or using the Usage dialog box to update the version in your document, you can double-click on the image with the Content tool and then click the Get Edition Now button.

When you click Open Publisher, the original program (Photoshop, or Illustrator, or whatever) should launch and then open that image. However, this sometimes stops working. It's an operating system glitch, not an XPress bug.

Figure 3.13 Subscriber Options

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