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Item Menu

There are four kinds of items in QuarkXPress: picture boxes, text boxes, tables, and lines. Any time you need to manipulate an item on your page, the Item menu is a pretty good place to start.

Figure 3.18 Item Menu

Modify (Item Specifications)

Menu: Item-> Modify

Mac: Cmd+M or Cmd+double-click

Windows: Ctrl+M or Ctrl+double-click

You can double-click on the object without the Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) key if you already have the Item tool selected.

Figure 3.19 Modify (Item Specifications)


Menu: Item-> Frame

Mac: Cmd+B

Windows: Ctrl+B

This is the same as opening the Modify dialog box and switching to the Frame tab.

Figure 3.20 Frame


Menu: Item-> Runaround

Mac: Cmd+T

Windows: Ctrl+T

This is the same as opening the Modify dialog box and switching to the Runaround tab.

Figure 3.21 Runaround


Menu: Item-> Clipping

Mac: Cmd+Option+T

Windows: Ctrl+Alt+T

This is the same as opening the Modify dialog box, and switching to the Clipping tab.

Figure 3.22 Clipping


Menu: Item-> Duplicate

Mac: Cmd+D

Windows: Ctrl+D

Remember that Duplicate always uses the same offset values as you last specified in the Step and Repeat dialog box, or .25 inches or 2p6 if you haven't used Step and Repeat yet.

Step and Repeat

Menu: Item-> Step and Repeat

Mac: Cmd+Option+D

Windows: Ctrl+Alt+D

Figure 3.23 Step and Repeat


Menu: Item-> Delete

Mac: Cmd+K

Windows: Ctrl+K


Menu: Item-> Group

Mac: Cmd+G

Windows: Ctrl+G


Menu: Item-> Ungroup

Mac: Cmd+U

Windows: Ctrl+U


Menu: Item-> Lock/Unlock

Both: F6

When you lock an object, it's not as locked as you think it is. The only thing Lock does is stop you from dragging the object around accidentally. You can still move it with the Arrow keys with the Item tool selected, or in the Measurements palette or in several other ways.


Menu: Item-> Space/Align

Mac: Cmd+, (comma)

Windows: Ctrl+, (comma)

Figure 3.24 Space/Align

Bring to Front

Menu: Item-> Bring to Front

Both: F5

Move Forward

Menu: Item-> Bring Forward

Mac: Option+F5

Windows: Ctrl+F5

For some obscure reason, on the Macintosh you have to hold down the Option key in order to see the Move Forward feature in the Item menu.

Send to Back

Menu: Item-> Send to Back

Both: Shift+F5

Move Backward

Menu: Item-> Send Backward

Mac: Option+Shift+F5

Windows: Ctrl+Shift+F5

I don't know why, but on the Mac you have to hold down the Option key to be able to see the Move Backward feature in the Item menu.

Edit Shape

Menu: Item-> Edit-> Shape

Mac: Shift+F4

Windows: F10

When you first build a bézier shape or convert text to paths, XPress shows you all the points along the path. If you want the bounding box instead (the regular corner and side handles), turn off Edit Shape. When you want the points again, select this again.

Edit Runaround

Menu: Item-> Edit-> Runaround

Mac: Option+F4

Windows: Ctrl+F10

Edit Runaround is a toggle. When you press this keystroke, you either turn the feature on or off. Edit Runaround lets you edit the runaround path for a selected graphic, but only when you have turned text wrap on in the Runaround dialog box.

Edit Clipping Path

Menu: Item-> Edit-> Clipping Path

Mac: Option+Shift+F4

Windows: Ctrl+Shift+F10

Don't like the clipping path around your TIFF image? You can edit it after pressing this keystroke. QuarkXPress lets you do this with EPS images, too, but the results aren't always what you expect. I suggest you stick to TIFF images here.

Change to Corner Point

Menu: Item-> Point/Segment Type-> Corner Point

Mac: Option+F1

Windows: Ctrl+F1

I almost never use this item (or the next four) because it's usually just easier to adjust points and segments using the Measurements palette. Nevertheless, it's nice to know they're here.

Change to Smooth Point

Menu: Item-> Point/Segment Type-> Smooth Point

Mac: Option+F2

Windows: Ctrl+F2

Change to Symmetrical Point

Menu: Item-> Point/Segment Type-> Symmetrical Point

Mac: Option+F3

Windows: Ctrl+F3

Change to Straight Segment

Menu: Item-> Point/Segment Type-> Straight Segment

Mac: Option+Shift+F1

Windows: Ctrl+Shift+F1

Change to Curved Segment

Menu: Item-> Point/Segment Type-> Curved Segment

Mac: Option+Shift+F2

Windows: Ctrl+Shift+F2

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