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3.12 Offset Location Measurements

Use the method shown in Figures 3.44a and b to locate points with respect to each other. First, draw the main enclosing block, then draw the offset lines (CA and BA) full size in the isometric drawing to locate corner A of the small block or rectangular recess. These measurements are called offset measurements. Because they are parallel to edges of the main block in the multiview drawings, they will be parallel to the same edges in the isometric drawings (using the rule of parallelism).


3.44 Offset Location Measurements

Isometric Drawings of Inclined Surfaces

Figure 3.45 shows how to construct an isometric drawing of an object that has some inclined surfaces and oblique edges. Notice that inclined surfaces are located by offset or coordinate measurements along the isometric lines. For example, dimensions E and F are measured to locate the inclined surface M, and dimensions A and B are used to locate surface N.


3.45 Inclined Surfaces in Isometric

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