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3.1 Technique of Lines

The chief difference between a drawing and a freehand sketch lies in the character or technique of the lines. A good freehand line is not expected to be as rigidly straight or exactly uniform. A good freehand line shows freedom and variety, whereas a line drawn using CAD or instruments should be exact. Still, it is important to distinguish between line patterns to make your drawing legible.

The line patterns in Figure 3.24 are examples of good freehand quality. Figure 3.25 shows examples of good and poor technique.


3.24 Freehand Alphabet of Lines (Full Size)


3.25 Technique of Lines (Enlarged)


  • Make dimension, extension, and centerlines thin, sharp, and black.

  • Make hidden lines medium and black.

  • Make visible and cutting-plane lines thick and black.

  • Make construction lines thick and light.

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