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3.7 Projection Methods

The four principal types of projection are shown in Figure 3.33. All except the regular multiview projection (Figure 3.33a) are pictorial types, because they show several sides of the object in a single view. In both multiview projection and axonometric projection, the visual rays are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the plane of projection. Both are types of orthographic projection (Figures 3.33a and 3.33b).


3.33 Four Types of Projection

In oblique projection (Figure 3.33c), the visual rays are parallel to each other but at an angle other than 90° to the plane of projection.

In perspective (Figure 3.33d), the visual rays extend from the observer’s eye, or station point (SP), to all points of the object to form a “cone of rays,” so that the portions of the object that are farther away from the observer appear smaller than the closer portions of the object.

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