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Opera 5 and Up on Windows and MacOS

The Opera browser is a great stable, standards-based alternative to Internet Explorer and Navigator, and it has continued to gain in popularity. This is one of the reasons we chose to support this browser. The other reason is that it takes no modification to the code you've written so far—it works already!

Unlike IE, Navigator, and Mozilla, Opera does not merely change the size of the text when the user changes the text zoom for the page. It actually scales the entire page—all its contents—by that new percentage. In the case of this project, when Opera changes the scale of the page, the sizeGetter Flash movie notices that its stage height has changed and sends the message to your main movie. No JavaScript is even necessary!

Open the sizeGetter.html page in an Opera 5 or better browser, and be sure that the page renders correctly.

Figure 13Figure 13 Be sure that your page displays correctly in Opera on both the MacOS and Windows.

Now change the zoom percentage of the page (see Figure 14). You will notice that in the Opera browser, the Flash movie updates its values immediately (see Figure 15) because there is no need for the JavaScript repeating event to change its size—Opera did it already!

Figure 14Figure 14 Change the zoom percentage of the page.

Figure 15Figure 15 The sizeGetter movie's field values update almost immediately in Opera because you don't have to wait for JavaScript to do it.

If Opera on both Windows and the MacOS is responding the way you expect, you are finished with the text size getter. For the final section, the only thing left to do is build a test Flash movie with which to test it.

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