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Importing to Flash

Almost all of the elements for this movie are graphical. In fact, this site will likely be the least ActionScript-intensive site you will build. It might feel good to give the left half of the brain a little rest.

You will import two different file types into Flash:

  • JPEG image

  • Fireworks PNG images

Importing JPEG Images

The JPEG image that will be imported is the image used for the creation of the site.

  1. Open Macromedia Flash MX. A JPG graphic is needed for the book cover. For the site, I used the screen shot of the Flash MX Magic book at I cropped out the text and left only the stars. I named the new file stars.jpg.

  2. Select File, Import (see Figure 7). A window opens, allowing you to find a file. From the options, choose All Image Formats. Select stars.jpg and choose OK.

    Figure 7Figure 7 Import to Library is located in File, Import to Library.

  3. Open the Library (press Ctrl+L for Windows or Cmd-L for Macintosh). You will see a single file called stars.jpg (see Figure 8). This is a bitmap image, not a graphic clip.

    Figure 8Figure 8 Stars.jpg can now be used in your Fireworks image.

Importing Fireworks

Again, the steps for importing a Fireworks file are very similar to those for a JPEG file. The final output is slightly different in the Library.

  1. With Flash still open, select File, Import to Library.

  2. Find the files background.png. You can select the file. Select OK.

  3. The Fireworks PNG Import Settings dialog box opens (see Figure 9).

    Figure 9Figure 9 The Fireworks Import window.

  4. For File Structure, choose Import as Movie Clip and Retain Layers. This keeps all layered formatting intact by keeping the images in their own layers, much the same way as when importing an Illustrator file.

  5. For Objects, select Keep All Paths Editable. This converts any shapes you have drawn, such as the rectangles, into vector images. Rasterizing the image would convert all shapes to bitmaps.

  6. For Text, select Keep All Text Editable. This will allow you to change the text in Flash.

  7. Select OK. The PNG file is imported. Notice in the Library that you now have a new folder called Fireworks Objects. Expand the folder. There is one movie within the folder. (See Figure 10.)

    Figure 10Figure 10 The final Flash Web site.

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