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Like this article? We recommend

Organizing the Library

The final step is to organize your Library. Organization is arguably the area that I am most anal about. Movies can quickly gain hundreds of movie clips, so organizing your Library is one area in which you can keep on top of things.

  1. Begin by adding two new folders. Call them Assets and Bitmaps.

  2. Drag stars.jpg onto the Assets folder.

    Expand the Fireworks Objects folder and rename the movie files Background.

Now all that is needed is to drag the content from the libraries onto the Stage.

  1. Select the movie clip background and drag it onto the Stage.

  2. Select stars.jpg and slide it to the bottom-left corner of the image. That's almost it! The final step is to draw three text fields over the three main rectangles on the right side.

  3. For each text field, drag an instance of the ScrollBar components onto the right side of the field. News, descriptions of the authors, and errata information are added to the text field. The scroll bars autoresize to allow you to view the content.

  4. Now publish. You should have a formatted Flash Movie that was designed completely in Fireworks. (See Figure 11.)

    Figure 11Figure 11 The final Flash movie created with Fireworks graphics.

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