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That Was Fusebox

A long time ago, a really smart Neanderthal knocked the hard edges off a big stone and made a wheel. That kind soul shared the invention with others, which enabled us to evolve into a highly intelligent bunch of people. Although no Fuseboxer claims to be as smart as that one Neanderthal tens of thousands of years ago, we do take pride in creating a solution once and sharing the results. When a developer shares a technique that is particularly helpful, it can eventually be combined into Fusebox. Developers also make and share tools to speed up coding time. We can benefit by sharing our common knowledge. That is how Fusebox started—a couple guys found something great and shared it with the world.

Fusebox solves many problems, both by encouraging a way of thinking about applications and by providing cold, hard, technical solutions. The Fusebox framework files have been created for you, and you can focus on making applications quickly. The system of file and directory naming and organization helps you manage growing applications. In Fusebox, ColdFusion developers have found a methodology and framework that enables their applications to scale easily while they get to work less.

Should a solution be used just because it works? If you are in the middle of making a cake and realize you need some more butter, should you use the grocery store's online shopping and have it delivered to your door for an extra ten bucks? What about your cake? It will be waiting for the delivery to arrive. Maybe driving a couple of blocks to the store is a better idea. The latest technology should not be used blindly just because it is cool.

Expounding on technical specifications might convince some of you to use Fusebox, but for most of you, you are probably wondering what good Fusebox is. How will it save you time, money, and stress? Transitioning from a traditional point-to-point model of building ColdFusion applications to the more rigid Fusebox framework might seem like too much work. Just wait for us to cover the benefits of using Fusebox in the next chapter.

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