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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Unsolicited testimonials

As a Mac user, have you ever watched another Mac user doing what you know as a simple one-step task, but you see them doing it the hard way? Maybe using 15 steps to do what you do in just one keyboard shortcut? So you lean over and whisper, "Did you know if you hold the Command key, it will do all that for you in just one step?" They generally drop their jaw and exclaim, "Oh my God, you're kidding me! That's all I need to do? Do you know how many times a day I do that? I can't believe I've been doing it the hard way all this time!"

This is exactly the same type of reaction you'll hear from a PC user who's switched to Macintosh. It's really a treat to meet someone just a few months after they've made the switch. They're absolutely glowing. It's as if they've unraveled a mystery of life and they can finally see clearly. They'll tell you, "I had no idea the Mac was like this!" and invariably they blame Apple for not letting the world know about this "secret." Because surely if the world really knew how easy, fun, and virtually trouble-free the Macintosh is, they'd switch from the PC platform in a heartbeat.

If you ever want to meet a real, honest-to-goodness, raving Macintosh lunatic, it's someone who's switched from Windows to the Mac. That person is hands-down the best unpaid salesperson Apple will ever have.

The other thing you'll invariably hear from a converted Windows user is that they can't believe so many millions of PC users are still stuck, battling every day with the problems and sheer complexity of the PC platform when their lives could be so much easier, "if they only knew."

That...that right there, is the real "Secret of Macintosh." It's so vastly easier to learn, use, and maintain that it actually makes your life better. By using a Macintosh, you completely sidestep a nasty and tremendously time-consuming side of computing that PC users have to struggle with every day, and that they think is normal. This enables you to get more work done, which makes you more productive and less stressed out, and gives you a chance to do something that I believe most PC users rarely get to do—enjoy their computer. That's sad, because that may be what separates Mac users and PC users the most. Mac users truly enjoy their computer because they really know the difference, and the secret.

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