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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

JavaScript Resources You Should Know About

Before finishing our foundation chapter, we should point out that tons of JavaScript resources are available on the Internet. (A casual search for "JavaScript" on the Internet turns up a mere 15,265,065 pages that discuss the topic). I'll put together a starter list here. As with all the Internet resources listed in this book, however, bear in mind that URLs can change in time.

To start, you can find the documentation for Netscape's JavaScript 1.5 online here:

You can find the documentation for JScript 5.6 online as well:

The ECMAScript specifications are also online:

Here's where to find the W3C DOM specifications that give the object models for the browser objects to which browsers are now conforming:

Many general sites also have some good JavaScript resources—here's a starter list:

Here are a few free JavaScript tutorials on the web:

And here are some sites that offer free, prewritten JavaScript scripts:

In addition, some groups on Usenet are devoted to discussing JavaScript (note that not all newsgroups will be supported on all news servers):

As you can see, you can access many JavaScript resources on the Internet. This book is designed to provide all you need, but if you can't find it here, you might check the Internet—and be sure to let me know what you've missed so I can add it to the next edition!

That's it for our foundation chapter. We've gotten a solid JavaScript start here, and a good foundation on which to build. We've created our first scripts, played around with the <SCRIPT> element, and even determined what browser a script is running in. Now we're going to start really digging into JavaScript, beginning in Chapter 2, where we start seeing how to handle data, including numbers and text.

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