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Negotiating for Your Best Salary in the Game Industry

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When thinking of negotiating salary for a new job, most assume a win/lose scenario. But the pros don't look at negotiation this way. They know that a successful negotiation is one in which both sides feel like winners. When you sit down to bargain, you don't have to win on every issue. Ask yourself, "What can I give up that will please the other person without compromising what I want?" This is called coming from a win/win perspective when negotiating.

Everything Is Negotiable

The unique aspect about negotiating compensation with a game company is that the employment package often contains a royalty percentage based upon the successful sale of the game in the market. The amount of this royalty is based upon individual and group participation. The game industry rewards for the level of your creativity and your willingness to take risks. Although your counterparts in the traditional business world may earn a higher base salary, they probably don't have the same opportunities to "hit the mother load." Ask the ID software folks if they think the game industry underpays. The Quake II team shared millions of dollars.

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