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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

The Dock

The Dock is that strip across the bottom of the screen. It will become your best friend. You might not see all the pictures in yours that you see in the examples below—things come and go from the Dock. You can add items and take items away. Most of the items in the Dock will "open" something when you click once on them: for instance, you might open an application to type in, or a web site on the Internet, or a window in which to find other files. Different things happen when you click once or when you hold the mouse button down (see Chapter 3 to learn to use the mouse). For a general idea of how the Dock works, see below. For details about using and customizing the Dock, including how to resize, hide, or move it, see Chapter 8.

View button Click one of the views in this View button to change the way the window displays the files. Click the "Back" button to go back to the window you just looked at right before the current one.

folder This is the Icon View for my "Home" folder.

This is the
List View
of the
above. This is the List View of the window above.

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