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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Keywords and searching

The Organize view makes searching for photos fast and easy, especially if you previously assigned keywords to your photos. The toggle button on the left side of the Organize pane enables you to assign keywords or search for photos.

Figure 17.24

Assign keywords to photos

By assigning keywords to photos, you make it possible to search for photos based on those words. If you take the time now to assign keywords, you'll save a lot of time later when you're trying to find a certain photo.

  1. In the "Organize" view, move the toggle button to "Assign."

  2. Select a photo or an Album. To select multiple photos, drag across a group of them, or hold down the Command key and click on individual photos.

  3. Single-click one of the preset keywords in the Organize pane ("Family," for instance). That keyword is now attached to the selected photos.

To assign multiple keywords to a photo, select the photo again and choose another keyword.

Edit keywords

You can edit the keywords while you are in the Organize view. From the Edit menuat the top of your screen, choose "Edit Keywords." This makes the keyword buttonsin the lower pane become editable fields so you can replace existing keywords with new ones or add keywords to empty boxes. Just click in a box and type.

The checkmark

The checkmark is sort of a temporary keyword, useful for marking photos for which you haven't decided on a keyword or category. You can search for all photos with a checkmark.

Search for photos

  1. In the Organize view, move the toggle button to "Search."

  2. Click on the Album you want to search, or click "Photo Library" to search your entire collection.

  3. Single-click one of the keyword buttons. The photos that match the selected keyword are shown in the viewing area.

    Figure 17.25This search result shows all photos that had the checkmark assigned to them. Notice each found photo has a checkmark in its lower-right corner.

    Figure 17.26If in the Preferences (as shown on page 275) you choose to Search by "Comments," the Search bar turns into this white box. Type in a word that you might have used in either Titles or Comments; as you type, only those photos that match your text appear in the viewing area. Click on an Album icon to display the photos again.

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