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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Open iPhoto

icon 1

Go to the Applications folder (click on the Applications icon in the Toolbar of any open Finder window), then double-click the "iPhoto" icon. The iPhoto window (below) opens, although yours will be empty if this is the first time you've used it.

The iPhoto main window

Figure 17.8

Before you can use iPhoto's various features, you first have to import the photos into the Photo Library, as explained on the following pages and shown in the example above. When you import photos, iPhoto considers each import a "Film Roll." That's why iPhoto automatically names each photo with a "Roll" number and an "image" number. A photo named "Roll 1 – 6" indicates that in "Film Roll" number one, this photo is the sixth image. You can rename any photo with a name that makes more sense, as shown in the example above: Just click on the photo name to highlight it, then type in the new name.

The Library stores all the photos you ever import. Create separate Albums (pages 276–277) to store customized selections from the Library.

When you connect a digital camera to your iMac, an icon appears on your Desktop named for the brand of memory card that's in the camera.

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