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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Viewing your photos

Once you've imported photos to iPhoto, there are several ways to view them within the main viewing area.

  • Single-click the Photo Library icon (upper-left) to view all photos that have been imported into iPhoto during your various Import sessions.

  • Single-click the Last Import icon in the Album pane (the white pane on the left) to show only the photos from the most recent Import session.

  • Single-click an Album icon in the Album pane (the white pane on the left) to show only photos that have been placed in that specific Album (how to create an Album is explained on page 276).

  • From the Edit menu, choose "Arrange Photos."

By Film Roll arranges photos into the groups in which they were originally imported.

By Date arranges photos by the date they were taken in the camera, if you set the date in your camera before you took pictures.

The View buttons

Each View button beneath the viewing area gives you different options and tools to work with, as displayed in the lower pane. Each of these views is explained in detail on the following pages.

Figure 17.14

Import view: Supplies information and options for importing photos.

Organize view: Provides tools for organizing and searching.

Edit view: Displays a larger version of the selected photo in the upper viewing area, and the lower pane switches to editing tools.

Book view: Provides tools for creating a hard-bound book.

Share view: Displays various tools that let you share your photos with friends, relatives, and co-workers in a variety of ways.

File information and comments

iPhoto gives you file information about photos, such as date created, size in pixels (dimensions) and size in kilobytes (how much space it takes up on your hard disk). Titles and comments you type in will be used in albums, books, or web pages created by iPhoto.

Figure 17.15

  1. Single-click on a photo to select it.

  2. Click the "Information" button once to show the File Information.

  3. Click the "Information" button again to show the Comments pane. Type any comments you want in the text field.

  4. Click the "Information button" once more to hide both the File Information and Comments pane.

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