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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Arrange the order of the photos

In Slide Show, Book, and HomePage (web site) projects, your photos will appear in the same order that they appear in the Album's viewing pane. There are a couple of ways to arrange photos in an Album or in the Library.

  • To change the order of photos in an Album (this doesn't work in the Library), drag one or more images to the location desired. As you drag, a black vertical bar indicates where the photos will be placed when you release the mouse button.

  • In the Library, you can arrange the photos by the date they were taken (if you set your camera's date before you took the pictures) or by import session ("Film Roll"): From the Edit menu, choose "Arrange Photos," then from that submenu, choose "by Film Roll" or "by Date."

Add titles and comments

The titles and comments that you insert in the Information pane are used by the Book and HomePage features to add headlines and captions. When you export photos, they will have this title instead of something like DSCN0715.jpg.

  1. Single-click a thumbnail photo to select it.

  2. Click the "Info" button (the "i" beneath the Album pane) to show that photo's Info area.

  3. Click in the "Title" text field, then press Command A to select any existing text, that might be in that field, such as "Roll 1 - 6."

  4. Type a new title into the "Title" text field.

  5. Click the "Info" button again to show the "Comments" field. Click inside that field, then type a caption for the photo.

    Figure 17.19

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