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Inserting a Slider

The Slider control interaction enables you to add a draggable slider to your Web page and judge where the learner leaves the slider. You'll add a question to the quiz that uses a Slider interaction so that learners can set how many seconds coffee beans should be ground. You could also use a Slider control as a navigational control, taking the learner to different pages in a Web site, for instance. There are two different types of Slider control interactions, listed in Table 10.8.

Power User Tip


The timer graphics work by doing a swap image over time, similar to adding the Swap Image behavior to the B channel of a Dreamweaver timeline. You can also add your own custom timer graphics to CourseBuilder.

Table 10.8 Slider Control Interactions


Interaction Name


Single-range slider

Has a single range that triggers feedback for the learner.

Two-range slider

Has two ranges that trigger feedback for the learner.

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