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Using the General Tab

Open a new Web page, save the page, and name it. The Slider control will not work in Netscape if you insert the interaction into the Content layer. Click beneath the layer at the bottom of the Document window and insert a CourseBuilder interaction (Insert, CourseBuilder Interaction).

Select the Slider category in the CourseBuilder Interaction dialog box and click on the two ranges slider, the first one on the left. To set up the attributes of the Slider control, follow these steps:

  1. Click the General tab. Leave the default name in the Interaction Name text box.

  2. Select the slider's look in the Appearance drop-down list. Select the first slider, Black_h_Penta. You'll see a preview of the slider in the dialog box, as shown in Figure 10.26.

Figure 10.26 The General tab settings enable you to select the appearance of the Slider control and determine how the Slider interaction will be judged.

  1. Set the Range values to begin with 5 and end with 22. Set the Initial Value to 5.

  2. Judge the interaction when the user clicks the Check Answer button.

  3. Set the interaction in the Correct When drop-down list to Any Correct and None Incorrect.

  4. Leave the Tries and Time limits as Unlimited.

  5. Leave the Reset check box selected and the Layer check box deselected.

Using the Ranges Tab

Select the Ranges tab to set up the ranges for the interaction. To set up the ranges, follow these steps:

  1. Add three additional ranges by clicking the Add button at the top of the dialog box.

  2. Select the first range. In the Range Options section, enter a name in the Name text box.

  3. Give it the range 5 to 9 seconds.

  4. This is the correct answer, so mark it as Correct in the Range Is drop-down list and give it a score of 10.

  5. Select each of the other ranges, name them for the grind, enter the range, and mark them as Incorrect. The finished Ranges tab should look like Figure 10.27.

Figure 10.27 The Ranges tab presents the options for the ranges that are judged in your Slider control.

Using the Action Manager Tab

Select the Action Mgr tab to edit the pop-up messages for each slider range. The ranges you added do not have default Popup Message behaviors, so you need to select the conditional lines (if medium selected, if fine selected, and so on), load the Popup Message behavior in the drop-down list at the top of the dialog box, and click the Add button. You can set up each message to give learners feedback about the type of grind they will get if they grind the coffee for that length of time. You can delete the Check Tries and Check Time segments, if you like.

Click the OK button to save your CourseBuilder interaction settings. Select the question stem text and the two buttons, and either drag or copy and paste them into the Content layer. Enter the question How long should you grind coffee beans in a hand grinder for a coarse grind to be used in a French press? Add some extra room under the question text, and move the slider between the question text and the buttons. Be sure the slider layers are not overlaying the buttons because that could make it impossible for learners to click the buttons.

Preview the Web page in a browser and check the Slider control's functionality. It should move only within the confines of the slider graphic. Check both the correct and the incorrect answers.

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