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OS X Finder Basics

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This sample chapter provides important instructions for using the Finder and items that appear on the Mac OS X desktop. It's important that you understand how to use these basic Finder techniques, since you'll use them again and again every time you work with your computer.
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The Finder & Desktop

The Finder is a program that is part of Mac OS. It launches automatically when you start your computer.

The Finder provides a graphic user interface called the desktop (Figure 1) that you can use to open, copy, delete, list, organize, and per form other operations on computer files.

Figure 1Figure 1 Basic desktop elements.


  • You never have to manually launch the Finder; it always starts automatically.

  • Under normal circumstances, you can not quit the Finder.

  • If you're new to Mac OS, don't skip this chapter. It provides the basic information you'll need to use your computer successfully.

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