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Minimum, Then Spatter

The horoscope symbols are too frail to be filtered with something as strong as the Spatter Effect. You can beef up their outlines with a command that apparently very few people use; the Filter, Other, Minimum command. Contrary to its name, the Minimum command actually adds to the outline of a selection or image area.

Come on. Let's do it...

  1. Ctrl(Cmd)+click the signs layer to load the signs as a selection, and then on the Channels palette, click the Save selection as channel icon (Alpha 3). Click the Alpha 3 layer to view the Alpha 3 channel. Press Ctrl(Cmd)+D to deselect.

  2. Go to the Filter menu and choose Other, Minimum. Set the Amount to 2 pixels, and as you can see in Figure 10, the symbols look beefy and can stand up to some serious distortion.

    Figure 10Figure 10— The Minimum command is sort of a combination between Expand Selection and filling the expanded selection.

  3. Click OK to apply the beefiness. Choose Filter, Brush Strokes, and then Spatter. Use the settings shown in Figure 11, and then click OK to apply the effect.

    Figure 11Figure 11— Not all artists are tidy with their strokes. It makes you more of a synthetic virtuoso to apply both straight and spattered strokes to a work.

  4. Ctrl(Cmd)+click Alpha 3 to load the spattered symbols. Click the Layers tab to view the Layers palette. Click the Fat Star copy layer to make this layer active, then click the Create a new layer icon at the bottom of the palette to put the new layer below the signs layer. Choose a pale blue color and press Alt(Opt)+Delete (Backspace) to fill the selection with color. Press Ctrl(Cmd)+D to deselect. Lower the Opacity of the signs layer so that you can see the spatter effect and still make out the symbols. Come to think of it, you should probably add an effect to the signs layer by clicking on the encircled "f" icon on the bottom of the Layers palette; then choose Bevel and Emboss. Then add to the signs a Pillow Emboss (from the Style drop-down list). Click OK.

  5. Repeat Steps 1–4 for the Leo layer so that it doesn't feel left out.

  6. Look at Figure 12. This has got to be one of the most robust paintings never painted!

    Figure 12Figure 12— IS it a painting? High art? Nope—it's Photoshop, pushed just a little!

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