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Printing from the Browser Window

Dreamweaver's Document window does not include a Print command. You can, however, print a file after you preview it in the browser window.

To print a file:

  1. Preview the file in the browser window as described in the previous section.

  2. From the Web browser's menu bar, select File > Print. The Print dialog box will appear.

  3. Verify the number of copies, the destination printer, and the pages to print in the Print dialog box.

  4. Click OK. The browser will send the document to the printer.

You can return to Dreamweaver by pressing Alt+Tab or by using the Windows Taskbar (the Applications menu on a Mac, or the Dock in OS X).

Fancy-Schmancy Printing Options

Both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer offer some convenient printing options. Navigator's Page Setup dialog box (File > Page Setup) offers options for printing backgrounds, black text (instead of printing a background in order to show text), and headers. (On Printing from the Browser Window the Mac, open the Page Setup dialog box and select Browser from the Options drop-down menu.) The Print dialog box in Netscape 6 and Internet Explorer (File > Print) lets you choose frame printing options. In Explorer, you can also print a table of all the links on a given page, or print each page linked from that page. And if you have a copy of Netscape Navigator 4.x, (Windows only) you can use the File > Print Preview command (Figure 3.52).

Figure 3.52Figure 3.52 Navigator 4's Print Preview feature lets you see what you're getting before you send it to the printer. Good thing, because white text won't print on white paper (this page has a dark background when viewed in the browser, which you can choose not to print). You can change printing options in your browser. See the sidebar below.

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