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Using the rulers, grid, and guides

LiveMotion has rulers, a grid, and guides to help you place and arrange objects more exactly. By default, they are not visible. In this section, you'll turn on all three features and use them to reposition an object.

Rulers appear along the top and left sides of the Composition window. The rulers are divided into 100-pixel sections.

  1. Choose View > Show Rulers.

  2. The grid is a set of lines that appears over your composition. Your objects can be created, moved, and edited below the grid.

  3. Choose View > Show Grid.

  4. Figure 9

  5. Choose View > Snap to Grid. This feature ensures that your objects line up along the grid.

  6. Select the selection tool () and select one of the squares in the upper left of the composition.

  7. Drag the square in the Composition window. Notice that the square jumps to the nearest grid line.

  8. Figure 10

  9. Choose View > Snap to Grid again to deselect it. Try moving the square again and notice how its behavior changes. The square will not jump to the nearest grid line.

  10. Choose Edit > Preferences, and change the Grid settings. Enter 40 in the Gridlines every text box and 10 in the Subdivisions text box. Click OK and notice that the grid becomes larger.

  11. Figure 11

  12. Choose View > Show Grid again to hide the grid.

  13. You can use guides to position objects along lines that aren't on the grid.

  14. Choose View > Show Guides.

  15. Position the pointer over the ruler at the top of the Composition window. Drag down to pull out a guide.

  16. Figure 12

  17. Drag from the ruler on the left-hand side of the Composition window to pull out a horizontal guide.

  18. Drag the guides back off the sides of the Composition window to remove them.

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