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Loading in the Video Files

Traditionally, video material comes from a video shoot—in our case, from a digital camcorder. But as we delve into the basics of FCP, we're going to use video that I'm providing explicitly for this purpose. This material is the patient and you are the doctor. (OK, well, maybe the material is the cadaver, and you're the medical student...whatever.) We're going to learn about editing, the tools you need, and the nuances of the art, using very standard, simple material.

Let's begin by getting the video from the DVD into your Mac.

  1. Insert the DVD that came with this book.

  2. Locate the folder labeled "Rubin's Tutorial Files."

    If you're putting it on your desktop—as opposed to on a particular hard drive—remember to hold down the Option key while you click-drag-release or else the file will not be copied and when you remove the DVD the folder will disappear!

  3. Drag the entire folder to your hard disk. This will copy the entire contents to your Mac and you can take out the DVD and put it away for safekeeping. It doesn't matter where you put the folder on your hard disk, just be sure to remember where you drop it. Since it won't be here forever, I like to put it right on the desktop, where it's easier to find and easier to delete.

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