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Importing Video Clips

Let's go get two clips from the Chapter 1 trutorial folder and put them into this new project. Leave the rest for now (as I don't want anything to be too confusing yet).

Go through these steps:

Figure 30

  1. With the Browser active, choose File > Import > Files.

  2. Select VidClip1 and press Enter (or click Open).

  3. Figure 31

Repeat these steps for VidClip2.

Now that these two clips are in your Browser, let's take them out for a drive.

This has nothing to do with capturing video from a camera—your principle method of getting material into FCP. Importing the tutorial video is more like importing still images from other folders on your Mac or moving clips from one project into another. You can read all about what we're doing here in a good reference guide, but as far as I'm concerned, it's OK to just get through it; it really doesn't come up that often in beginning to edit on FCP.

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