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Extracting Tracks

Just as you can create single-track movies by importing various media files, you can pull a single track out of a movie.

To extract a track from a movie:

  1. With the movie open, from the Edit menu, choose Extract Tracks (Figure 7.7).

    Figure 7.7 Figure 7.7 From the Edit menu, choose Extract Tracks.

  2. In the Extract Tracks dialog, select the track you want to extract, and click the Extract button (Figure 7.8).

    Figure 7.8 Figure 7.8 Select the track or tracks you want to extract, and click Extract.

A new movie window appears. When you play this new movie, you'll see or hear that it contains only the data from the track you extracted.

If you save this movie (or another movie into which you paste data from this movie), make sure to save it as a self-contained file. Otherwise, the movie will depend on the original file from which you extracted the track.


  • Double-clicking a track name in the Extract Tracks dialog accomplishes the same thing as selecting the track and clicking the Extract button.

  • You can select more than one track in the Extract Tracks dialog. If you hold down the Shift key, you can make a contiguous selection. If you hold down the Command key (Mac OS) or Ctrl key (Windows), you can make a noncontiguous selection.

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