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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Manual Assignments

FreeHand offers only one manual control, for assigning profiles to imported images, and it applies exclusively to imported RGB images.

Object Palette

The Object palette—which you open by choosing Object from the Inspectors submenu of the Windows menu—shows you the file type and color space, as well as a pop-up menu showing the source profile, of a currently selected imported RGB graphic (see Figure 13-5).

Figure 13-5 Figure 13-5 Object palette for RGB TIFF and for CMYK TIFF

Notice that the Object palette example for RGB indicates the Image source is "- SMPTE-C." The "-" in front of the profile name indicates that this profile was embedded in the imported image. FreeHand always uses the embedded profile in supported RGB image formats unless you change it in this pop-up menu (which we don't recommend).

If you do change the profile associated with an object, FreeHand immediately forgets the embedded profile. If you later decide to use the embedded profile instead, you'll need to re-import that object.

Note that the Image source pop-up menu is grayed out for the CMYK example. Embedded profiles for CMYK images are ignored, and it's impossible to assign profiles manually. As previously discussed, the Separations printer profile specified in Color Management Setup is the assumed source profile for all CMYK elements, including imported images.

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