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Handling the Indent Level

This code is not how you really want to indent the HTML; you want more deeply nested tags to be indented further. To accomplish this task, you need to keep track of the level of nesting of the tags, and you can do this by noticing whether the last < found was really < or </. The < character alone marks the beginning of an HTML tag pair, whereas the </ pattern ends an HTML tag pair. Every time you come across a < character alone, you are increasing the level of nesting, entering a new tag pair, and going deeper. Every time you encounter </, you are closing off a tag pair, popping out of one level of nesting of tags. If your code keeps track of this situation, it can insert the right number of spaces to produce the nested indenting you want (Figure 4.41).

Figure 4.41Figure 4.41 Indenting the HTML code by inserting spaces before < characters.

To handle indent level:

  1. Open the Indent method handler in the Code Editor.

  2. Edit the method's code to look like this:

    // Initialize some variables.
    Dim S as String
    Dim SpaceC, ReturnC as String
    Dim SlashC as String
    Dim OddC, SpaceS as String
    Dim IndentS as String
    Dim TabLevel, TabSize as Integer
    S = T
    SpaceC = " "
    ReturnC = Chr(13)
    SlashC = "/"
    OddC = Chr(255)
    SpaceS = "                         "
    IndentS = ""
    TabLevel = 0
    TabSize = 3
    // Remove any existing indentation.
    // Remove every space before a C in T.
    While Instr(S,SpaceC+C) <> 0
       S = Replace(S,SpaceC+C,C)
    // Remove every return before a C in T.
    While Instr(S,ReturnC+C) <> 0
        S = Replace(S,ReturnC+C,C)
    // Indent before every tag.
    // Replace every C with OddChar.
    While Instr(S,C) <> 0
       S = Replace(S,C,OddC)
    // Replace every OddChar with return +
    → tab + C.
    While Instr(S,OddC) <> 0
    If Mid(S,Instr(S,OddC)+1,1) = SlashC
    → Then
       TabLevel = TabLevel - 1
        TabLevel = TabLevel + 1
      End If
        IndentS =
      S = Replace(S,OddC,ReturnC+IndentS+C)
    // Add extra space before closing tabs.
    // Replace every C/ with OddChar.
    While Instr(S,C+SlashC) <> 0
      S = Replace(S,C+SlashC,OddC)
    // Replace every OddChar with tab + C/.
    While Instr(S,OddC) <> 0
      IndentS = Mid(SpaceS,1,TabSize)
      S = Replace(S,OddC,IndentS+C+SlashC)
    Return S 
  3. Save your work, and test it.

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