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Formatting Generated Files

As a general rule, you'll want generated files, such as a TOC and index, to look different from the rest of the book files. The first time you update a book after you add generated files, the generated file uses the page layout of the first nongenerated file in the book.

You can format a generated file:

  • By working in the file itself, creating page layouts and paragraph and character formats for the generated file.

  • By using a template or an existing generated file with page layouts and formatting already set up. You can use the template in one of the following ways:

    • Put the template or existing file in the folder that contains the book files. (See Figure 13.46.)

    • Import formats from the template or existing file into the generated file.

Once you've formatted a generated file, the formatting stays in place, even when you regenerate the file.

To format a generated file by copying a template into the book folder:

  1. Add the generated filename to the book file, but don't generate the file.

  2. Copy the template into the folder that contains the book files and rename it to match the generated filename that appears in the book window.

    Now you need to update the book to pick up the formatting.

To update a book:

  1. Formatting Generated Files In the book window, from the Edit menu, choose, Update Book (Figure 13.45).

    Figure 13.45Figure 13.45 Choose Edit > Update Book.


    Press Esc F G or Command-U.


    Click the Update Book icon (see page 274).

    The Update Book dialog box appears (Figure 13.46).

    Figure 13.46Figure 13.46 When you update the book, generated files pick up page layout and formatting if a a template with the same name as the generated files is present in the same folder.

  2. Make sure that the Generate Tables of Contents, Lists, and Indexes check box is selected and that the files you want to format are in the Generate list.

    To move a file from one list to the other, select the file and click the left or right arrow, or double-click the filename. To move all files from one list to the other, Shift-click an arrow.

  3. Click Update.

    The files in the Generate List are updated, and when you open them, you'll see the page layout and formatting from the template.


Be sure that you update a book after you make any of the following changes:

  • Perform editing that affects pagination

  • Change a chapter or index title

  • Add or delete files

  • Change the order of files in the book.

  • Add a new color

  • Change conditional text settings

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