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Basic Styles of Typefaces

When movable type was first invented, there was just one kind of typeface—a Roman face, which is characterized by its serifs. Today, there are many more styles, some of which are shown below.

Figure 2.66Figure 2.66 Most fonts fall into one or another of these basic styles: serif, sans-serif, script, display, bitmap, experimental, slab-serif, dingbat, handwriting, and blackletter.

Don't Use Too Many Fonts

During the early days of desktop publishing, everyone who had a computer and a laser printer thought they were a designer. One of the hallmarks of "bad" design from those days was mixing too many typefaces on a single page. While this isn't as huge a problem on the Web, it still pays to know how to work artistically with few fonts. This is a case of "less is more."

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