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Instant Red Eye Removal

When I see a digital camera with the flash mounted directly above the lens, I think, "Hey, there's an automated red-eye machine." If you're a pro, you probably don't have to deal with this as much, because your flash probably isn't mounted directly above your lens—you're using bounce flash, holding the flash separately, you've got studio lights, or one of a dozen other techniques. But even when the pros pick up a "point-and-shoot," red eye can find them. Here's the quick "I-just-want-it-gone" technique for getting rid of red eye fast.

Step One:

Open a photo where the subject has red eye. Zoom in on the eyes by dragging a rectangle around them with the Zoom tool (the Magnifying Glass tool).

Figure 3.31Figure 3.31

Step Two:

Switch to the Brush tool, and choose a soft-edged brush that's nearly the same size as the part of the eye you want to correct. Press the letter "d" to set your Foreground color to black. Then, in the Options Bar, change the Blend Mode of the Brush tool from Normal to Color, as shown at right.

Figure 3.32Figure 3.32

Step Three:

Use the Brush tool and paint directly over the red eye (you can even dab if you'd like). As you paint, the red disappears because with the Brush tool's Blend Mode set to Color, it desaturates (removing the color from) anywhere you paint.

Figure 3.33Figure 3.33

Step Four:

Paint over all the other eyes in the photo, and you're done—and best of all, the entire process takes just seconds.

Figure 3.34Figure 3.34

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