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Tip Sheet

  • All speakers work pretty much the same, incorporating one or more drivers within a speaker cabinet.

  • Satellite speakers have a single speaker driver; two-way systems have a tweeter and a midrange driver or woofer; three-way systems have a tweeter, a midrange, and a woofer; four-way systems add a built-in powered subwoofer.

  • Floorstanding speakers deliver better bass response than bookshelf speakers and are more efficient—that is, they sound louder with the same power amplifier/receiver.

  • Bookshelf speakers fit well in most rooms and deliver a more neutral, better-focused sound than floorstanding speakers—but often lack deep bass response.

  • Satellite speakers reproduce high and midrange frequencies only, and must be supplemented with a subwoofer for good bass.

  • If you listen to a lot of music, go with floorstanding speakers—they're good for both music and movies.

  • If you primarily watch movies, go with a bookshelf + subwoofer combination.

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