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How Do I Subscribe to a Podcast?

Whether your primary desktop platform is Windows or Mac OS, download a version of iPodder or one of the variations from Install the app on your desktop; then browse the iPodder directory for subscriptions that interest you. They conveniently break down the broadcasts into subject categories, although the technology is still new enough that not all subject areas have podcasts associated with them. When you find something you like, subscribe by pasting the RSS feed into iPodder and clicking the Add button.

By default, iPodder is set to check for new podcasts only when you manually initiate the download by using the Check for New Podcasts button, but a scheduler feature lets you choose to have iPodder check for new audio automatically on regular intervals. When the download completes, it's automatically added to iTunes as a new playlist (assuming that you have iTunes installed on your system). Depending on your iPod synchronization setup, when you connect an iPod, it will automatically download the podcast playlists and their contents.

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