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Like this article? We recommend

3. Start Toothing

A new form of dating has hit the PDA market. Because most wireless PDAs and laptops use Bluetooth technology to communicate, this form of dating has been given the name "Toothing," short for "Bluetoothing."

Bluetooth technology seeks out the nearest other Bluetooth devices it can communicate with, so if you are using your PDA near someone else who is also using Bluetooth services, the two of you can connect.

It is possible to swap "business card" type information (typically including name, phone number, email, and messenger information) with other "Toothers" nearby and, once you have their messenger information, strike up a conversation over Messenger.

Alternatively, it is possible to simply "beam" information between two devices using the infrared port for those who do not have wireless options.

This has become a popular way to get to know strangers on trains, on buses, in the coffee shop, and in other places, and it has become a bit of a craze in some areas of the world, particularly in London. Toothing is set to spread and increase the use of wireless technologies dramatically. Expect to see many more options available via Bluetooth technology in the near future—some exciting developments are underway.

To find out more about Toothing, see or the Toothing Spots Forum. To find out more about Bluetooth developments, see

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