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Like this article? We recommend

4. E-books

Using a PDA, you can very simply download and read e-books using a PDA. PDAs usually have e-book reader software installed already—usually either Adobe Reader, MobiPocket Reader, or Microsoft Reader.

You can go to or to download e-book reader software and free e-book samples, as well as buy full e-books.

Note that Microsoft Reader titles can be read on most of the PocketPCs released after the year 2002. E-docs (PDF files) can be converted so they can be read using devices that run a PalmOS, PocketPC, or Symbian OS through a separate conversion program. Adobe e-books can be read on PalmOS devices but not on PocketPC or Symbian devices.

Numerous websites offer free e-books, e-book samples, and "trial" e-books (whereby the e-book license expires after a few viewings or a few days). It is possible to download both fiction and nonfiction e-books on just about any subject. In addition, some magazines and newspapers now issue e-books of their most recent content or of key content.

E-books are amazing because they do not simply contain text; they also can contain interactive elements such as audio, video, quizzes, and links. This technology will become more popular as its potential is fully realized.

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