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DVRs Gone Wild

"TiVolution." "Replay Revolution." Whatever you want to call it, digital video recorders (DVRs) are here, and consumers love them. Because DVRs actually are computers integrated into home entertainment systems, they seem like a good place to start with media convergence.

Sure enough, TiVo has launched the Home Media option. With a TiVo Series2 recorder, you can use all of the regular TiVo features for recording broadcast programs. However, the Home Media option also allows you to connect to your PC (or Mac) and access your music and photo libraries. You can do this over a wired Ethernet connection, or using a wireless adapter. Once you've connected the Series2 TiVo to your network, it's relatively simple to start browsing your collection of music and photos.

What about costs? Start with the investment in the TiVo itself; the Home Media option is an add-on feature that costs more. And TiVo has a monthly service subscription fee as well. However, if you already own a Series2 TiVo that you use for recording television, the Home Media option might be a very easy, convenient, and cost-effective means of getting your music and photos from your PC to your home entertainment system.

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