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Grassroots Efforts to Improve Technology

Of course, this might create a lot of work for usability professionals, so it could be perceived by cynics as just a global marketing strategy for UPA members. But Rosenzweig says that ultimately everyone will benefit and everyone can add to the body of work:

  • "Consumers can complain to vendors about difficulties with technology, eGovernment can create real standards to ensure the technology is usable. Voting systems can be created that truly allow every voter a choice and a vote that counts. World Usability Day is more then marketing; it is about changing the world."

She also adds that they would like to see more grassroots efforts to change technology:

  • "I would love it if one year people in Boston got out and put up signs that were helpful to drivers. Right now, many streets in Boston have no signage or signs that are too small to read, placed behind a tree, and so forth. I would consider it a success if the citizens of Boston took the opportunity on World Usability Day to make new signs for the streets in their neighborhoods and post them themselves, to improve the usability of their neighborhood. Maybe that won't happen this year, but I hope it happens by next year's event.

    I really want the average person to see and finally understand that technology does not have to be as difficult as it is. The goal is for the average person to see that they can help effect change by forcing vendors to create products that use technology in ways that take the human being in mind. That human error and technical support does not replace good user-centered design and usability engineering."

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