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A Different Approach

Want to try a slightly different approach to file sharing? How about a directly connected, user-controlled network? NeoModus' Direct Connect offers a version designed for OS X. Direct Connect's network doesn't rank with the big boys, statistically (it has roughly 400,000 users rather than millions) but NeoModus claims that users collectively share a petabyte of entertainment content—triple what the other networks offer.

Another option is BitTorrent, a tool designed to help pull down large files through distributed downloads. Unlike with the other clients, the software doesn't seek and download for you; Bit Torrent helps you locate the files, but you have to download them yourself. This may be less convenient than using tools such as LimeWire, but can offer substantial time savings if you want to download a really big file.

If you're a complete geek—or just like simple clients—there's Mutella, which works from a command-line interface. No pretty graphics here, but Mutella supports all key Gnutella node functions, including file search, downloads, and sharing.

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