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Smoother skin

While you're fixing a person's teeth, why not even out skin tones and give them a more flattering appearance? To do this, make a rough selection around the area you want to fix—and I mean a rough selection—by grabbing the Lasso tool and dragging a quick freehand shape around the face. Choose LayerNewLayer Via Copy to make a duplicate of the selected area on a new layer. Apply a Gaussian blur to this new layer to soften the image. Do this by choosing FilterBlurGaussian Blur to blur it quite strongly—you'll find that around four to five pixels works well. Set the blend mode of this layer to Lighten to see the more even tones in the skin. To finish, bring back some of the detail around the eyes and mouth by selecting a brush and set its Hardness to a low value to create a brush with soft edges that will blend better. Use the Eraser tool to erase the blurred layer over the subject's eyes, eyebrows, and mouth.

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