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Straightening perspective fixes

Photos taken with the horizon or distinct horizontal features not perfectly aligned can be improved by straightening. To do this, click the Measure tool and drag a line across either the horizon or the line that is at an angle. Now choose ImageRotate CanvasArbitrary, and the angle in the dialog will be set to the angle of the line you just created. Click OK to rotate the image and then straighten it. You'll need to crop the photo when you've done this, because the photo won't be rectangular any longer.

When you shoot tall buildings, you'll often find you get a keystone effect where the top of the building is narrower than the base and the sides lean inwards. To fix this you'll need to fix the perspective, so begin by reducing the size of the image and then enlarging the window containing the image so that there is some gray area around it. Choose Select All and then EditFree Transform. Once you've done this, a set of sizing handles will appear around the image. Hold down the Control key as you drag on a handle to adjust the image, and then continue to do so until the lines that should be truly vertical the sides of buildings, for example) run parallel to the edge of the photo. When you're done, click the Commit transform (Return) button or hit Enter to confirm your changes (shown in Figure 4)

Figure 4

Figure 4. Using the Transform tool lets you alter the perspective of an image to fix problems such as buildings that lean inwards.

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