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What About the Remote User?

Well, now anyone who tries to log in via the machine's keyboard will see your text in the login window. But what do we do about remote users who might log in over a network? A UNIX machine already provides a way to do this painlessly with the 'message of the day' file that is always called 'motd'.

So, you must edit the file /etc/motd (as an administrator). Type in the following commands in the Terminal window: sudo pico /etc/motd. You will be prompted for the administrator password after the commands.

Move the cursor (with the arrow keys again) to the end of the line showing the contents of the file motd (see Figure 6).

Figure 6

Figure 6 Moving the cursor.

Press control+K to delete the line. Pico should then look like Figure 7.

Figure 7

Figure 7 Deleting the file contents.

Type in the message you want the remote user to see. Save the change with control+O, and exit pico with control+X. You're done.

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