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My Life, Your Life, Apple iLife '05

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Apple is about cool. It is about ease of use. It is about what makes your life better. With iLife '05, Apple bundles a suite of tools for the creative and the imaginative. iPhoto manages digital pictures; any aspirations as a director will be fulfilled with iMovie,; professional DVDs can be created with iDVD; and Garage Band creates a professional music studio at home. If you want to flex your creative muscles, join Matthew David to see how iLife can work in your life.
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2005 is quickly turning into the year Apple stakes its claim at the top of the computer world heap again. Innovative and often-copied products such as the iPod to industrial strong solutions such as OS X Tiger Award are garnering award after award. Part of this stellar lineup is the innovative iLife 'O5 package. Apple's iLife is productivity software suited for everyday life that lets you manage your photos, music, and video. It has five products that run only on Apple computers (except for iTunes). In a twist on the old saying, "You may have work in Microsoft Office, but you choose life in Apple's iLife."

The World of iLife

Apple has always pushed the edge. It was the first with a home computer, first with video, and it colored our world with iMacs and sprouted a revolution of white ear buds—the iconic symbol of the iPod. Apple is about cool. It is about ease of use. It is about what makes your life better. These are the philosophies that form the foundation of iLife. With iLife, you can manage the digital photographs you take. And you know the video you have been shooting with your video camera? Why not edit it into a stunning movie? Are you a budding musician? Garage Band helps you put a professional studio into your hands. If you are like me—you don't not have a single note in your body, but love music—you can buy music through the iTunes music store. iDVD takes your digital images, video, and audio to create stunning movies that will run on any DVD. Each tool is focused on a creative element in your life. It is the stuff we live we for. iLife just makes it easy to access, capture, modify, and publish.

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