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Garage Band in Your Life

Are you a budding Bob Dylan? Do you feel the beat? If you do and want to take down music for your next indie album, you need to purchase time at a professional studio to correctly mix your album. This is expensive.


Wait! You just bought iLife '05, so you have a professional mixing studio on your Mac. Garage Band is the tool for you if you want to move beyond air band. Garage Band allows you to take down individual tracks, instruments, and vocals. You can watch the tracks being taken as you record.

The power of the tool comes when you start to mix the music. You can add soundtracks, such as drums and percussion, and modify tracks in a nonlinear timeline. Garage Band also prints the sheet music for your music. The cool part is that the sheet music can be modified, which in turn modifies your recorded tracks. For instance, if you want to change a note from C to E, you only need to move the sheet music—and it's done!

The only thing I don't like about Garage Band is that it seems a little out of place in iLife. iLife is a collection of tools that everyone can use, except for Garage Band (which is really only for those that want to record their music). Maybe because I am a tuneless wonder, I have sour grapes and wish that Apple had invested its time in another tool I can really use.

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