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Cueing Motion Footage

Motion footage appears in the Footage, Composition, and Layer windows with a time ruler, current time marker, and current time display. You can use the controls to view a specific frame or to play back the footage without sound.

To view a frame of motion footage by dragging

  • In the Footage window, drag the Current time marker to the frame you want to view ( Figure 3.61 ).

    Figure 3.61 Drag the current time marker to cue the footage to a particular frame.

    The Footage window displays the image at the current frame and the frame number.

To cue a frame of motion footage numerically

  1. In the Footage window, click the current time display ( Figure 3.62 ).

    Figure 3.62 You can click the current time display…

    The Go To Time dialog box opens.

  2. In the Go To Time dialog box, enter a time ( Figure 3.63 ).

    Figure 3.63 …and enter a frame number in the Go To Time dialog box.

  3. Click OK.

    The current time display and the image in the Footage window show the frame you specified.

To play motion footage

  • Make sure the Footage, Composition, or Layer window is active. Press the spacebar to start and stop playback.
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