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Page Properties

Page properties are elements that apply to an entire page, rather than a single object on the page. Visual properties include the page's title, a background color or image, and the text and link colors. Other page properties include the document encoding and the site folders, if any.

To change the page title

  1. In the Document toolbar, click within the Title text box.
  2. Type a new title and press Enter (Return) ( Figure 3.35 ).

    Figure 3.35 Type your page title in the Title text box.

Choose a good title for your page, something more descriptive than "My Home Page." Many search engines use the words in the page title to index pages.

Other page properties

Other page properties are stored in the Page Properties dialog box.

To view page properties

  • From the Document window menu bar, select Modify > Page Properties


  • Press Ctrl+J (Command+J).


  • Click the Page Properties button on the Property inspector pageprop.gif.

The Page Properties dialog box will appear ( Figures 3.37 ).


Figure 3.37 The Page Properties dialog box lets you set options that apply to an entire page.

About page margins

In the bad old days of browser incompatibilities, you had to set page margins in different fashions for IE and Netscape. Thankfully, there are now standards-compliant ways to set margins that works in all reasonably recent browsers.

To set page margins

  1. View page properties, as in the previous list.
  2. Set the left, right, top and bottom margins as shown ( Figure 3.38 ).

    Figure 3.38 Set your margins using a number larger or smaller than 10 pixels, which is the default margin width. Note that you don't have to use pixels; your margins can be set using any of a number of units, as shown.

  3. To check how your settings appear in a specific browser, preview the page in that browser ( Figure 3.39 ). See the section Previewing in a Browser, later in this chapter.

    Figure 3.39 Here's my page with its new margin settings.

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