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Wall of Squares

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Like the projects in Chapters 1 and 2, this project works with modular sequences built with solids. The most prominent of these sequences is a checkerboard-patterned background and transition you'll present in four variations. The checkerboard pattern you'll create is made from solids that could easily be swapped with other files to create textures or to make a wall of images or video.

A checkerboard pattern is one of those things that never seems to go out of style. The checkerboards you'll build in this project dazzle the eye by glittering into and out of each segment. Solids that you'll animate in 3D space then add some dimension on top of the checkerboard by falling into place in the final product layout.

It Works Like This

Check out the file in this chapter's folder on the book's DVD. This project uses solids to create dynamic backgrounds and eye-catching 3D animations, and to position and frame product shots. As in the first two chapters, the project depends on modular components to help speed up production. Even better, we provide you with rendered movies for some of the components. The main aspects of this project are as follows:

  1. Using solids to create an animated pattern.

  2. Using solids to matte pictures of different sizes.

  3. Animating 3D solids to create a falling dominoes effect.

  4. Animating a nested comp to create a swinging garage-door effect.

Animated orange checkerboard made of solids

Yellow section with flipping blocks of color

Purple section with matted pictures

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