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Reason Overview

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Switching Windows

Working with Reason will involve a lot of switching between the Rack and the Sequencer windows. Switching is faster when they are detached.

To detach the windows

  1. From the Windows menu, select Detach Sequencer Window ( Figure 3.14 ). Or click the Detach button at the top-right of the Rack window.

    Figure 3.14 Detach the Sequencer window.

Now you can see more in both windows, or move your Sequencer to a second monitor. Switch between them by clicking the window you want, or choosing it from the Windows menu. Faster still, hitting Ctrl+Tab in Windows switches you between the Rack and Sequencer; on a Mac, Cmd+1 brings up the Rack and Cmd+2 moves to the Sequencer.

What's in the Sequencer?

Let's look at where you will write "tracks," or parts ( Figure 3.15 ).


Figure 3.15 The Sequencer in Arrange mode

The Sequencer window starts off with an overview of all the tracks in the song (the Arrange view). The Rack instruments are listed in the left column, and the parts are to the right.

Arrange view lets you drag parts around and decide how you want them all to fit together. The instrument column lets you create new tracks (you can send more than one track to the same instrument) or switch devices for a given track.

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